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Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm


A new addition to my online gallery. This is PERFECT STORM photographed at Cape Reinga in New Zealand

Cape Reinga is the northernmost tip of New Zealand, reaching into the sea and marking the meeting of two oceans – the Tasman Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. On this day a perfect storm of weather convergence zones created fierce winds that whipped the ocean into a froth. The Cape is a narrow spine of land stretching its finger out into the ocean, and the footing was precarious as the 60 mph winds threatened to topple both my tripod and myself.

PERFECT STORM is available for purchase HERE.

Nikon D3S, 1/750 sec at f/8.0, ISO 400, 200mm (70.0-200.0 f2.8 lens).

Photo is copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Please respect.

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Wings Over Wairarapa Air Show

Wings Over Wairarapa Air Show


A couple of weeks ago while vacationing in New Zealand, we stopped off at Wings Over Wairarapa, Australasia’s largest air show taking place that weekend right on our route to Wellington. The weather forecast was for rain and we thought it quite likely the air show would be canceled or curtailed – but although we drove through drizzle and mist on the way down, it cleared by the time we reached Wairarapa.

Some 45,000 spectators attended over Saturday and Sunday, and the air show was terrific! On display and in the air were some of the finest privately owned collections of First & Second World War aircraft in the world. Although there was a strong emphasis on the historical airplanes, New Zealand’s armed forces had an impressive showing of their jets and helicopters. The action was non-stop as a variety of aircraft, from WWI triplanes to modern day jets, followed each other into the sky, while spectators camped out on grassy fields by the runway overlooking a scenic rural landscape.

I brought a lot of camera gear on the trip, but my new 200-400 zoom needs a suitcase unto itself, so it stayed home.  Instead I put my 70-200VR on my D3, added an old 2.0 teleconverter, cranked the shutter speed up to 1/1000 second, and fired off nearly 1,000 shots (in motor-drive) filling up two 8 gigabyte cards and getting some fun action shots as a result.  Today I read on Moose Peterson’s blog that if I had slowed down to 1/250 second I could have captured the blur of the prop in motion.  Next time!

Wairarapa Air Show Gallery

Smoke Trails

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