Gam Island Boy and Gam Island Girl

Gam Island Boy and Gam Island Girl

Gam Island Boy Gam Island Girl

I was looking through some old files the other day – looking for subject matter to enter in an upcoming contest titled: “A Sense of Place”. I spotted this pair that had escaped my attention at the time, so I worked them up and added them to my online gallery.

Normally I’m not much of a ‘people photographer’, but sometimes I do catch candids when the opportunity arises. These two photos were taken a couple of years ago in Indonesia, when we visited Raja Ampat for a dive trip.

We had participated in an early morning expedition to Gam Island to see the Red Birds of Paradise that perform their mating displays in specific trees on the island. On our hike to the forest we passed through the small village of Yenwaupnor, where I caught these photos of a brother and sister as they watched us shyly from their front porch.

I really can’t decide which one of the two I like the best, so I posted them both. Your comments to help me decide are welcome!

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