See You Later

The summer of 2014 we spent cruising the chilly waters near Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Especially at the north end of the Johnstone Straits, near Blackfish Sound and Echo Bay, marine wildlife was abundant. … Full Story

The Odd Couple

We found a stingray in the shallow water escorted by a trevally that resulted in a photo that strikes my fancy. The rays always seem to have a fish accompanying them; in this case another trevally tried to join in, but the first fish aggressively drove it away. Back in the states I googled the behavior and came up with the term ‘commensalism’, in which one species benefits by hanging out with another. In this case the fish snags up the scraps of food stirred up by the stingray as it feeds along the sandy bottom. … Full Story

Waterlily With Feather

We’re cruising at the moment, and a recent stop was in New York City where we visited the Whitney Museum of Art. On a rooftop balcony we came across a collection of water gardens in galvanized tubs. It was an overcast day, throwing even lighting over the flowers, and I was captivated into spending a half hour or so photographing the lilies from assorted angles. The maroon and green striped lily pads were the size of dinner plates, and I thought the small white feather and clover-like water plant added a touch of eccentricity. … Full Story

Contest Results!

For those of you who voted in my Favorite Photo contest, thanks for playing along! It was fun for me to watch the results of the polling and see which images rose to the top! The winner? It’s a tie! Sunrise Flight and Fringing Reef Wavelet were the winners. Close runners-up, only a vote or two behind, were The Bobcat, High Heels, and Sail Into Sunrise. … Full Story

Gam Island Boy and Gam Island Girl

These two photos were taken a couple of years ago in Indonesia, when we visited Raja Ampat for a dive trip. We joined an early morning expedition to Gam Island to see the Red Birds of Paradise that perform their mating displays in specific trees on the island. On our hike to the forest we passed through the small village of Yenwaupnor, where I caught these photos of a brother and sister as they watched us shyly from their front porch. … Full Story

Contest – Pick Your Favorite!

I’ve been publishing Photo of the Week for about 3 months now, and I thought it might be about time to make a slideshow (above) of the entire collection, and have another free print giveaway. This time I thought it would be fun to take a poll and find out which photos are the most popular! So I’ve put together a contest below. … Full Story

Sail Into Sunset

This image, Sail Into Sunset, was captured as we crossed over from Mexico’s mainland to Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja California peninsula. Fortunately we had a motor, as there was very little wind – either on that day or, for that matter, the majority of days that we spent cruising in Mexico. Rather than linger in one spot for days becalmed, we just cranked up the John Deere and continued on our way. Perhaps the title should be modified to ‘Motorsail Into Sunset’, but that sort of takes away from the romance! … Full Story

Portrait of a Thoroughbred

Week before last I escaped Tucson’s hot spell by driving over to California for a horse show. I spent the week catching up with daughter Michelle, watched the horses compete, socialized my new puppy Truffle, and got acquainted with a new camera and lens recently added to my gear bag … Full Story