Lighting the Lamp

This photo is a bit outside my usual style, but I thought it would be fun to share. The lighthouse attendant has just lit the lamp and he is watching to make sure the flame has stabilized. What makes this image work for me is the way his eyes are illuminated by the beam as the mechanism revolves. Handholding the camera … Full Story

Gam Island Boy and Gam Island Girl

These two photos were taken a couple of years ago in Indonesia, when we visited Raja Ampat for a dive trip. We joined an early morning expedition to Gam Island to see the Red Birds of Paradise that perform their mating displays in specific trees on the island. On our hike to the forest we passed through the small village of Yenwaupnor, where I caught these photos of a brother and sister as they watched us shyly from their front porch. … Full Story

Portrait of a Thoroughbred

Week before last I escaped Tucson’s hot spell by driving over to California for a horse show. I spent the week catching up with daughter Michelle, watched the horses compete, socialized my new puppy Truffle, and got acquainted with a new camera and lens recently added to my gear bag … Full Story